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And the day ends with …

In my eagerness to show my granddaughter (who LOVES horseradish sauce), I went to pull up a root of it with all my might. Imagine my surprise when it suddenly gave way so much more easily than I had anticipated, and I ended up flat on my back amongst the pots in my herbgarden. I had to be rescued by three generations of family – is it worth it for horseradish sauce? YES!!!

You know it’s going to be a mad day when ….

Instead of hairspray, you use polish. My son-in-law tells me I have nice, shiny hair. Am I thinking about painting again ?

12th Sep @ Freemantle Baptist Church

I’m going to be taking a few paintings to Freemantle baptist church, southampton to talk in their morning service (10.30 am).

Everybody welcome – I’m also available after the service for anyone who wants to chat to me.

Portsmouth Cathedral

We had a wonderful sunny day with great opportunities to chat to many people.

Thank you to all the organisers for making it such a good day.