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This sunday evening in the New Forest

I’ll be taking a few paintings, some new and some old, to Wellspring church in Tiptoe in the New Forest on Sunday 14th March (the service starts at 6.00pm)

I’ll be sharing stories about the paintings so do come along if you are in the area and hopefully find time to talk to me and the good folk there.


I have at long last finished the new painting.Tired but relieved and thrilled that it is complete.

I am inspired for the next one and have already done a few sketches

So watch this space!


Yesterday I started the painting and am excited
about this particular journey .
Watch this space!

Back again

Back in the studio after a long absence.

People often ask me how long it takes to paint a picture…but it is never the painting of it that takes the time but the thinking about it.

As I paint from my own personal experiences on my journey, I also have to live it!

This one I’m about to do has been whizzing round in my head for years but I suspect at long last I have a “handle” on it.

I know what it has to say, but it’s getting the right visual image in my head to say it.
In the end it has to show that Jesus has the victory in ALL situations.

New Generation Exhibition at Bromham Baptist Church,near Bedford

The exhibition will be open daily(free of charge)
10.00 am -9.00pm from Tuesday 19th April to 25th April
Anne will be staying in Bedford for the week and spending much of her time with the exhibition
and looks forward to meeting up with old friends.
Below are details of the venue.

Bromham Baptist Church
Village Road
Bedfordshire MK43 8LJ

For more details or enquiries, contact the church office Tel: +44 1234 822681
Or email Anne on

Trying to paint!

Trying to get into the studio…but “stuff” happens.

Looks like it’ll be next week now…..but can’t wait !


We are putting the “Crossroads” exhibition up today, in Staines ,

ready for tomorrows launch.

Hopefully see you there .

Launch of Crossroads Exhibition!

The  long awaited second series of silk paintings is soon to be launched in Staines.It has taken ten years to paint and get together as a flowing exhibition.It is open to the public at ;



Thursday 27th-Friday 28th-10am to 8pm

Saturday 29th_10am to 5pm

Sunday 30th- 12 noon to 3pm

I hope to be there for most of the time and am looking forward to meeting lots of people including old friends.I am prepared to answer questions and chat with visitors.

  Admision is Free ! SEE YOU THERE!

Paintings at Chepstow Now.

The New Generation paintings are being displayed at the Priory St Mary’s in Chepstow this week.There is no charge and the paintings are not for sale.

If you get the chance to be there …just enjoy !

Ebb and Flow

ebb and flow plus words a4 

Holy Rood Stubbington

Holy Rood Stubbington

Holy Rood StubbingtonA wonderfully light and airy venue for the New Generation Exhibition.The team there are very friendly and welcoming.They have worked very hard and creatively to exhibit the paintings with great sensitivity.

Stubbington Update

I managed to get down to the exhibition at Holy Rood Church Stubbington during the week and I  hope to be there to answer anyones questions this Saturday from about 12.30 for a couple of hours.

My thanks to all involved with the set up and running of the exhibition there.

Exhibition at Stubbington

The New Generation paintings will be on display in Stubbington

Here are the details-

The exhibition is being hosted by Holy Rood church,Stubbington,


It will be open to the public free of charge at the following times

Tuesday 27th May-10am to 4pm

Wednesday 28th May-10 am to 4pm

Thursday 29th May-10am to 4pm

Friday30th May-10am to 4 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm

Sunday 1st June; 9.30 am Morning Praise within art exhibition

11.10 am Holy communion within art exhibition

2-5 viewing to the public

7-9 Cafe style church with art exhibition

Monday 2nd June-private showing for groups

Tuesday 3rd June private viewings for groups

Opening of Crossroads Exhibition

first day of crossroads 

We had a steady stream if people for most of the day coming to view the new paintings.A very tiring day but my thanks to all the helpers and those who travelled a long way to support me.

We will be open from 12.oo noon till 8.00pm daily until sunday and I hope to be there all the time.So do come along and chat with me.

New webpage

If you’re one of the folk who often look at the web page, it probably seems like not a lot is happening. However there is always so much background ‘stuff’ that God is doing with me. It then takes me time to process it, pray about it and live it before a painting emerges.

Thanks to Geoff, my son, we’ve developed this new site.  I’m not the greatest technogran in the world(!), but we’re hoping that the more up to date format will give me the opportunity to share a bit more. Being a bit of a visual, rather than a word person I often “see” things that God is doing rather than hear them.

A new feature that I’m hoping to use more is my Flickr website. Over the last few years I have taken quite a few photographs that have spoken powerfully to me, and I’ll hopefully be uploading some of them soon!

Time to paint!

brushes RIMG2756 I took this photo recently in my studio. I have been recovering from a complete knee replacement(ouch!) and have been unable to stand to paint. How could I have let my paintbrushes get covered in cobwebs?! A friend told me a few weeks ago, that painting was what I was made for (I’m not sure that is completely true). I wonder how many of us just let things tick over, instead of fully embracing what God has planned for us.

New Silk painting finished

On Saturday I finished a new painting for the third series.

As it was the first one for a year, everything seemed more difficult than usual.Since I had surgery for a new metal knee at the end of February I have been struggling with the thought that I may not be able to stand and paint again, but the desire to get in the studio is very strong and at last I got in there a couple of weeks ago.

The painting is as ever, different to my original sketches and expectations…but hopefully says what I want it to say.

Listen Again

If you were not up in time or missed the interview with Tim Daykin and Anne you can hear it on listen again on radio Solent.

Or you can find it in the main BBC website / religion / divine art / Hampshire / Tim Daykin, about an hour and a half into the program.   

Visit Site

Interview with Anne House on BBC Radio Solent

Anne House will be interviewed on BBC Radio Solent by Tim Daykin this Sunday 7th January 2007.

Please tune in to hear about the Exhibition and find out where you can come and see the exhibition displayed. The show runs from 6am to 9am.

Visit BBC Radio Solent’s web page for more details:

Back to Work!

I’ve been away for about a month in France, staying with friends. So I suspect time for playing is over!

I feel like I painted myself to a bit of a standstill before I went away.I have lots of ideas but getting the images from my mind onto the silk is always the biggest step.

It’s never lack of ideas, it’s more about deciding which one will say what I want it to say, with the greatest impact.The last series, Crossroads was a very different process. I had in my mind a moving video. Then I would play it backwards and forwards until I could try to see and paint the single still frame that would tell part of the story and some of the conclusions.

As always God is doing a new thing and there is never a definite formula to the way I get the images or paint. I have lots of images in my mind and a few in sketch books…

But…which ones go with which verses? I shall meditate more on each verse and see where it takes me. As they say “watch this space”

Painting 3 and 4 now completed

My aplologies for not writing more, but it’s been a very busy time for me. I’ve now finished 2 more paintings from psalm 139. I’ll try to upload pictures of them soon.

The Bigger Picture – second painting

The second painting is now finished after an interesting “journey” with it. It illustrates verse 15 of Psalm 139.
More details to follow…

What next ?

With great sadness, last week I gave in my notice as the outreach worker at Swaythling Methodist church, which has probably come as a shock to all of us involved in the work on the estate. It was time for me to hand over to someone else with different gifts to continue with the Lord’s work.

So what next?

I feel an urgency to start painting again, and have some amazing images in my mind. I knew that there was probably a third series of silk paintings but just couldn’t ‘get a handle’ on it.However during the last few months, I have been reminded of many instances and situations in my life showing me God’s faithfulness.In fact the first thoughts of this were on holiday with my husband in Cornwall last August.I was thinking about God’s faithfulness to me for several days when we went out driving over Dartmoor. We stopped for a coffee, walked around a village and went into the local church. Just as we were going out of the doors, an elderly man walked into the church, drew back the curtains to the organ and sat down and played ” Great is thy Faithfulness”. He didn’t play anything else and just drew the curtains again and walked out. I felt as though he had played it just for me!

I haven’t been in my studio for months but felt really ‘at home’ last week when I had to go in there for something.I don’t know if the new paintings will ever be on display and am filled with some trepidation at starting a new series.

My work finishes at the end of March and perhaps I will start to paint again in April.

A surprise new painting … continued

The painting is finished.

The feeling that I had about church and home being connected was right but as usual not completely as I had anticipated. Lots of church spires and rows of housing all interconnected through the crown in the middle and spinning off in different directions.

I felt that how we are, in the comfort of our own home, should be identical to that of church. However the perspective of the lines make it all rather disorientating.

Through the whole painting is a cross with someone diving into it from a bridge, made up of the words faith and love. The bridge is only made more stable by cables wound around nails in the cross. Right across the picture in a large sweep of letters like a banner, are the words “Dare You Step over the Lines”. I wanted to do perfect lettering but ended up doing the letters rather messily so that the contrast with the neat lines would be more evident.

A friend of mine made an interesting comment. That he had to make a decision where he was, to even start reading what the painting said. It sounds a complicated painting but when you see the title it all becomes easier.

“Love Your Neighbour as Yourself”

(Look out for my random purposeful scribble across some neat lines) I wonder what that says about me?  :)