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New Generation Exhibition

Exhibition in Shirley, Southampton

The New Generation Exhibition will be in the Salvation Army hall in Shirley, Southampton from tomorrow, 26th March. The venue is situated next to Sainsbury’s car park and will be open daily from 10.00 am until 8.00pm.

It may well be the last opportunity to see it in Southampton for quite a while as I want to concentrate on getting the second exhibition “on the road”.

Great celebrations at Swaythling!

Each day that the exhibition is open the atmosphere and the things that happen are always different. Wednesday was a day of deep gentle work. The peace in the place was wonderful and people sat in front of paintings for a long time.
It was a time where I and others had the opportunity to pray with individuals all day, from 10 o’clock in the morning till 7.00pm. Tiring but a wonderful priviledge!

Thursday was totally different. Before it opened, we were praying for the people who might come in to the exhibition, and we felt that the Lord gave us the word “salvation”.

The exhibition is being hosted at the church where I am employed as an outreach worker. Every day during the week we have the church open in the morning so that folk can come in and have a drink, breakfast and a chat.One of the ladies who has come along nearly every day for a year since we opened it, came yesterday to help with the exhibition. She was impacted by the painting called “joy” in the foyer and we began to talk. We then went into the church and she gave her life to Jesus in front of the crown of thorns.

If the exhibition only came to the church for that one lady and we opened the church every day for coffee, for a was worth all the effort to see her smiling face.  Great parties in heaven yesterday then!!

Comments from Wokingham

The New Generation exhibition has just been seen during a week long staging at the Wokingham Baptist church as part of a weeks community celebration and renewal involving 12 churches and a large volunteer effort to improve run down facilities in the town. It was called the Big Idea.

A team of volunteers were on hand to assist, explain and pray with people who sought help and guidance. Hundreds of people came to see the paintings every day, and some came back day after day. One lady said, “I have seen the exhibition more than once this week. It is the closest I have felt to Christ in a long time.” Others said “astounding” and “inspirational”.

The Exhibition’s going to Wokingham!

Just to let everybody know that the New Generation Exhibition will be at Wokingham Baptist Church in Milton Road from Saturday 19th August until Sunday 27th August. It will be open 10 – 6 every day with a late night on Thursday. There will be free refreshments as well as prints and cards from the Exhibition for sale.

There are extra details, including information on the venues, on their website,

An interesting time at Swaythling!

The exhibition is going well and touching many individuals. We’ve not had hoards of people at a time, which has given those who are walking round time and space to absorb the messages of the paintings.

There is much healing going on and an abundance of tears as people are identifying circumstances in thier own lives with the images.

Some friends of ours, John and Theresa, have spent a lot of time in the kitchen providing wonderful lunches and sandwiches each day for those coming through the doors. Sharing meals together adds a special time for cementing relationships and making new ones.

One lady who came on the first day admitted that she had never set foot into a church before and that the atmosphere was wonderful, especially with so many people sharing food together. I must add that she has now been in every day, helping me to serve in many ways at the exhibiton. More than that the paintings are really challenging her in new ways.

The real blessing to me is having the opportunity to pray with so many people. So if you are in Southampton and want to spend some time in a place of peace I look forward to seeing you there.

Talks at Swaythling Methodist church

I hope to be at Swaythling for most of the week but as we are open from 10am until 7.00pm I’d really like to find some time away from the paintings during each day. However those who know me well, will know that this may be a ‘lost cause’!

As I have said before…it’s not about the art work but about Jesus and the people he speaks to through the images. I just can’t bear to tear myself away from meeting people and answering, or at least trying to answer their questions.

Although the exhibition will be open all the time we have made arrangements for me to give a sort of guided tour through the exhibition at various times during the week. At present these are 11.00 on Monday, 2.30 on Tuesday and 7.30 on Thursday evening and anyone is welcome to come to the talks.

I am not sure yet what to talk about but no doubt it will cover some of the most frequently asked questions….how and when did I start the series of paintings, what lies lies “behind ” the images, what I felt God was saying to me, where I got my inspiration from and maybe some of the techniques used.

Please feel free to come and chat to me at any time. I look forward to meeting you there!

More Comments from Cornwall

 Weds 5th October

  • A wonderful exhibition, with so many inspiring talented pieces of art work that we will follow up in school. Thank you for inviting us – North Petherwin Primary School
  • What a wonderful exhibition. Very thought provoking! Such fabulous colours and intricate details bring the passages alive. thanks so much DD
  • Thank you for this experience, unforgetable & strengthening. God bless all who have contributed to a wonderful morning with the Lord and His people. Lorraine
  • Such a moving experience, thank you; an oasis of God’s blessing in our busy days; than you. Sue
  • A lovely exhibition.
  • So interesting, a lovely Exhibition.
  • So glad your exhibition has come to Cornwall,, God bless you all in all you do.
  • Amazing. Jo 

Thurs 6th October

  • Inspiring, so much to understand, you must return, John & Sue
  • An incredible exhibition, so pleased we came. Harold and Anne
  • A wonderful & Biblical exhibition – lots to see and take in. Janet  

Fri 7th October

  • I feel very privileged to see this very thought provoking display. A very talented lady, thank you so very much, Anne & Delyn from Queensland Australia
  • A very moving experience, and inspiring – 3 ladies from Devon
  • I am impressed and believe the pictures give a powerful message Thank you Barbara.
  • Beautiful work in the right setting
  • So moving. beautiful representation and such imagination – thank you.
  • Thank you so much for a lovely evening, beautiful work, very lovely, North Petherwin WI

 Tomorrow is another day. And all those who have prayed and staffed this exhibition have found it such a privilege to hear some very sad stories, but to offer hope in Christ.

One 82 year old lady, shared her childhood abuse (I wasn’t there then), one little lad from North Petherwin School prayed a beautiful prayer, and one boy from Jacobstow school came back and said (as he had on a previous assembly I took) “I came not believing in god, but now after seeing these pictures I do believe in God”.

Another woman, a confessed atheist, walked in today and physically cried as she passed by the pictures depcting abortion and abuse. Much healing is going on, and God will have his way.

These are just a snippet of what God is doing – so glad we have this for another week.

Some Comments this week from Cornwall

A wondrous day with my first school: Boyton, with 17 children and 3 adults. They wanted to stay the whole day. Some comments from the book.

  • Very moving indeed and very inspiring and helpful. Thank you.
  • An amazing collection of thought provoking paintings. The children really enjoyed their experience today – Thank you so much for your kindness.
  • (This teacher wants to come back with her brother)
    (The mini bus driver wants to come back with wife and children)
  • Very inpsiring – bringing the Bible and our faith to life. The children and ourselves have gained so much from being able to share with you today. Thank you for your help and for sharing your Christian faith through deed and action. CF
  • Rushed through! then found out they were on display for longer, we will be back!
  • Thank you! A revelation and extremely thought provoking……….   
  • Thank you for allowing the children to come to this outstanding art exhibition.
  • Though it is an art exhibition, it is also a spiritual journey through the Bible: the story of creation, the fall, and the Creator’s solution through the death and resurrection of the Christ, and on to revelation. It is indeed a remarkable piece of ‘living’ art, speaking afresh each time we look and gaze.

The 17 children that came were extremely well behaved and good mannered. So was the mini-bus driver!
I was very impressed with the lesson preparation that the staff had done for this session and it worked well with how I envisioned it to be.

Having brought their own art materials the children set to work on their own interpretation of the paintings, choosing a favourite one, classifying and describing it then looking through a viewfinder, to do more detailed work.

The children really appreciated that the more they looked the more they found – and they found the shepherd in the picture of the Vine. very well done, and congratulations on a well behaved class.

New Generation Exhibition going to Cornwall soon

The exhibition will be going to Bude in Cornwall from the 1st October – 15th October inclusive.

This year when we took the paintings to Easter people in Torquay, we had several enquiries about whether it could travel to Cornwall in the near future. So here we are on our way there.

A few years ago I was involved with some lovely folk from Devon and Cornwall creating a schools pack on some of the parables of Jesus. There was a great response from many of the children and teachers who used the material. It would be exciting if some of the children could go and see more paintings. Children are so perceptive and in my experience can teach many of us adults how to look at paintings.

I look forward to perhaps recieving emails or calls from children who want answers to questions about the paintings.

My Apologies to Bognor Regis

Sadly the New Generation exhibition did not run for the advertised week as planned.

My thanks to Phillip and Pauline who worked so hard to make it all happen. Their prayers and practical help in setting up and standing with the pictures were such a blessing to us. However, there were several things that made it difficult for us to let the exhibition continue to be on display and I made the difficult decision to go to the venue and take it down early.

We are continually surprised how God uses the paintings to draw people to himself in new and exciting ways and it’s always such a privilege to see Him impact individuals. After all, the paintings are about Him, not me. Because of the sensitive nature of the pictures, we always require a team of prayers and folk who can come alongside people who may need someone to talk to.

My friend, Anne Drake, went for the first couple of days in my place (using up her valuable holiday time) and although I had the opportunity to talk to church leaders from the local area, asking for their support, sadly not enough people came forward.

The paintings were a gift to me, from the Lord, to share with as many people who are willing to see them and it grieves me when the gift is not honoured. I also now see myself as the curator of the paintings and they need to be kept in a place of safety at all times.

However, in the couple of days that the exhibition was there, some lovely people were incredibly blessed. For instance Anne was asked by a lady of 94 what it means to be born again and she had the opportunity to talk about Jesus to many people who didn’t know Him.

Bognor Regis….Here we come !

Next week we shall be going to Bogner the Royal Norfolk Hotel. The hotel is situated on the sea front and easy to find.

The New Generation exhibitiion will be open to the public daily from

10am.-8pm from 21st July to 29th July inclusive.

As I am an outreach worker for Swaythling methodist church in Southampton I may not be able to be with the exhibition every day. However a friend of mine, Anne (also an artist) who has accompanied me on many occasions to a variety of venues, will hopefully be available to guide you round the exhibition and answer your questions.

I will try to be there as often as possible (work permitting) and am looking forward to renewing old friendships and making new ones.

The comments book that accompanies the exhibition is worth a read and gives you an idea how the paintings impact peoples lives.I look forward to reading your comments ,as it is a great encouragement both to me and others.

Posted by: AnneHouse on Wednesday, July 13, 2005 – 12:30 PM

New Generation Exhibition and news

We have been asked to take the New Generation Exhibition to Bogner Regis in July. I’m trying to confirm the details of dates and times and will post them in the events calendar as soon as possible.

Also this week I hope to write about yet another surprise silk painting that is finished. I am trusting that this was the very last painting of the new series, called crossroads, which has taken me 8 years to complete! It seems amazing to me that it has taken so long.

The whole thing has has been an interesting but often difficult journey and in many ways a relief and blessing that the series is now complete. There are about half a dozen not yet photographed. As soon as they are, we will post the new ones on the web

A sunny day in Billericay

Life has been somewhat hectic since the exhibition was at Billericay but at long last I would like to write a few notes about it.

I travelled up for the day from Southampton with two friends, Simon who kindly drove us and Anne Drake, both of whom have been a tremendous help and prayer partners for many years.

We had such a warm and friendly reception with the opportunity to chat, pray and share stories of Gods kindness with many folk. I’d like to thank all the people from the church for all their hard work, committment and love during the week. Thanks also to Phil Tillotson who helped me for many hours getting the exhibion ready to send out and check it back in.

I love the way that the Lord brings people together in such a true sense of family. When people start making enquiries about hosting the exhibiton we feel almost strangers but very soon acquaintances and valuable frienships are formed.

It takes a committed selfless team to help it all run smoothly. What a blessing such friends are to me. Thank you all!

I was thrilled with the response from the many children who went to see the paintings and their remarks in the comments book. I hear that the team from the church at Billericay had some interesting conversations with them. Children have such wonderful perception because they’ve been brought up in a visual world. If you ever have problems trying to interpret a painting why not ask the nearsest child. Their insight might surprise and intrigue you!

Exhibition at Billericay

I’ll be going up to Billericay on Saturday and will be available from lunchtime to answer questions and talk about the paintings to folk.

I look forward to seeing you there!

New Generation exhibition at Billericay

The folk from Emmanuel church drove down to Southampton yesterday to collect the exhibition. We had a good time together chatting and praying in the studio for the week ahead.

There is a real excitement about what is going to happen during the next few days, as most people haven’t yet seen the original paintings. It’s usually quite a shock to see the pictures displayed together in one space as they are so large, filling the room with colour. It’s a bit different from the A4 prints most people have seen.

It always feels good let people take the exhibition and run with their own vision of how it will be displayed,with a great opportunity to be creative.

I’m not yet sure if I’ll be able to go and meet with people there, whilst the exhibition is running, due to other commitments but will make a note on the web, when and if.

Amazing time at Easter People

Arrived home late on Sunday very tired but excited about all the things that had happened during the week.

A huge thank you to all the organisers, not only for inviting us but for the caring way in which the whole team were received and cared for. The venue was perfect, the atmosphere peaceful, the people who attended the event were kind with a gentle spirit and serving heart.   

We had many, many, people come to look round the exhibition where we had the opportunity to have good conversations with them. Quite a lot of folk came back day after day, which gave us a chance to really get to know some of them. It was a real privilege to be part of the whole event and see the Holy Spirit moving in so many ways.

What an amazing loving God we serve!

Easter People preparation

Just a few days to go before Easter people. There’s always a great deal of preparation before the exhibition goes out and the loading of it into cars starts today. So it’s all physically exhausting before we get to a venue…. BUT then the fun begins………..

Although the paintings remain the same, the exhibition takes on a completely different feel wherever it goes. The space and the lighting are always different which tends to make certain paintings stand out or recede more. So we never know which pictures are going to have more impact than others.   

I have witnessed many times the extraordinary way that natural light affects the pictures. Suddenly a shaft of light will come through the windows as the sun moves round, and shine through the silk like a stained glass window, impacting the person standing in front of it, both in colour and content. A moment never to be repeated…. perhaps just for a few minutes.

Sadly the paintings about old people nearly always seem to end up in a corner or at least feel like that, perhaps just by the failing of a light bulb.

I wonder how it will look at Easter people and what impact the Lord will have on individuals. After all its not about the artist – it’s about Jesus.

I’m so excited to see what His plans are. Hope to see you there!

Preparing for Easter People

It’s a busy season getting ready for the Easter People event at Torquay.

I’ll be going for the whole week, with some faithful friends who have supported me at other venues over the last few years…
Peter, Anne, Liz, Phil, Steve and Paul are all taking time off work to bless folk who come to see the exhibition. We’ll be there to answer any questions and spend time with you. I’m also looking forward to doing some talks about the paintings and may bring some of my new work.

The main thing about the exhibition, is that it’s not about ‘art’ – it has always been about meeting people. So … if you’re not an ‘arty’ person I look forward to meeting you there!