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Crossroads exhibition

I am really looking forward to putting up the second exhibition at the “Warrior Bride “conference in West End (near Southampton)at the beginning of June.It is exciting to see it out of the studio after such a long time and am thrilled to be part of the conference. Thank you Faith for sharing this amazing vision.

What a wonderful time we had…

My heartfelt thanks to all involved with the hosting of the new exhibition at Staines,especially Joan, Chris,John and all the team,not forgetting all the ladies supplying refreshments.We saw how God touched many people through the paintings which keeps me very humble.I wasn’t sure what the publics response would be but have left Staines methodist church with a new confidence and expectation to see where I take it next.

My thoughts at the moment are that this series of paintings have a very different purpose and seemed to be doing a deep work in people.

I will post some of the comments made by visitors in the next couple of days.

Invitation to the new “crossroads ” exhibition

Annes new exhibtion called ” Crossroads ” will be on display at Swaythling Methodist church,286,Burgess Road,Southampton,SO16 3BE from Thursday 8th May until

Sunday 11 th May.It will be open from 12. noon until 8.00pm daily.

The Crossroads Exhibition

At long last! The order of the crossroads exhibition is pretty much sorted out.

Although I finished them nearly 2 years ago, I had absolutely no idea how they were going to be hung. I felt that probably there was more of a message to the whole exhibition rather than 28 individual paintings.

As with the New Generation exhibition, I painted each panel as I believe God gave them to me. It was my personal journey and being faced with 28 pictures and no idea how to display them, or the final scriptures to accompany them, had become quite a burden to me.

At this point I would like to thank Gill for all her encouragement, prayer and support and friendship over the last few years. I believe that we cannot journey alone and without the ongoing help and prayers of our friends; we can so easily become lost or detracted from what God has for us.

During the next few weeks, my intention is to spend some time concentrating on how we now go forward with “Crossroads”.

The Last painting In the Crossroads series

The six foot painting is dominated by a gigantic irridescent angel holding a banner saying “grace” and its robes at the bottom forming the word “humility”.

The angel is standing on a beach where the word ” betrayed “formed by metal nails is being washed away by the surf.

The word “forgiven” is being washed in, on the edge, by the waves.

Surrounding the angel, causing much confusion, are dominating words, such as “bullying”, “panic “, ” slander”, and “lies”.

Within the angel is a crouched figure wrapped in a protective golden cloak.

I wanted to create a place of calm and peace, when all around is disruption and discord. Only a very few people have seen the painting in my studio but it has already sparked some interesting conversations! We’ll try to get a photograph of it, together with the other new paintings, on the web as soon as possible.

New Generation Exhibition and news

We have been asked to take the New Generation Exhibition to Bogner Regis in July. I’m trying to confirm the details of dates and times and will post them in the events calendar as soon as possible.

Also this week I hope to write about yet another surprise silk painting that is finished. I am trusting that this was the very last painting of the new series, called crossroads, which has taken me 8 years to complete! It seems amazing to me that it has taken so long.

The whole thing has has been an interesting but often difficult journey and in many ways a relief and blessing that the series is now complete. There are about half a dozen not yet photographed. As soon as they are, we will post the new ones on the web

A surprise new painting!

I was surprised last week to find myself back in the studio painting a new silk picture to the crossroads series, as I thought I had finished them all.

It was a painting I had abandoned last year, which in itself is unusual, as once I have started one I have always felt compelled to finish it, even when it may seem to be going “wrong”.

It had started with a criss cross of lines, at first randomly and then a little more specific. I felt sure that I would be inspired to know what went between the lines to complete the content of the painting. I knew there was a church and house in it somewhere and how we behave in both, but just couldnt see it. After struggling for days, my friend Anne, rang me to share a story with me…

A pastor gave his little girl a colouring book and she scibbled all over the page with a crayon obliterating the picture. He wanted to point it out to her but instead said how beautiful it was and put it on the wall.

Anne said “I think the Lord is saying its ok to go over the lines”. She didnt know at that time that I was even trying to start a new painting! I was trying so hard to confine the picture between the lines that I couldnt see the whole thing and just left it in the studio unfinished. So profoundly true in our lives sometimes, trying to keep between the lines and do the right thing that we lose sight of the bigger picture and the freedom we have been given.

I will write about the finished painting next week……..

Crossroads Update

After 7 years I have now just finished painting the last picture of the new series entitled ‘Crossroads’.

It actually came as quite a shock when I realised I’d finished. I was under the impression there were more pictures to paint – and there were still plenty of ideas in my sketchbook.   

Originally I was planning the final picture of a gigantic wave which would be presented on a fifty foot length of silk. I did the original sketch on the 7th October 2000, and had been consumed with the practicalities of painting such a large picture!

In January this year, a friend of mine emailed me and asked me how many more pictures were left in the series. I gave my usual answer – “how long is a piece of string?!” Straight away I went to the TV and caught some of the amateur footage taken in Asia during the tsunami and became suddenly aware of the similarity with my sketches.

I went back to the sketchbook, looked at the wave and realised that I didn’t have to paint it. God had already spoken.