The thoughts, words and pictures of artist Anne House

A Fresh Glimpse

What a week.

Recently the Lord has woken me up way before the crack of dawn.Of course it is probably because I have had to go to bed early to rest, as am rather poorly at the moment.But as soon as my eyes are open I have found myself absolutely wide awake.
What is there to do at 2.15 am so as not to wake anyone else up?
I have been frustrated not to be painting in the studio because it would be physically difficult.
However last week I felt prompted to look at some of the photos on my computer to see if they inspired me to start writing again.I have been overwhelmed with the constant stream of words and phrases that have flooded my brain, not only in the small wee hours, but in spells throughout the day.
Five finished pieces and copious notes in just a week.I am trusting that the some of the random phrases are to be included in work ahead of me,almost like small sketches for a painting.
What an interesting journey to start at the beginning of the year!

Writing again in January 2013

Since the new year I have been inspired to start writing again.I have many more photographs, that I have taken over the last few years,to add to the Fresh Glimpse series.I am not sure where it is taking me but am excited by the reality of new challenges for 2013.

A new direction!

I and those who know me well, have been amazed at the new things that I have been working on.

Not painting but writing.

As I haven’t seriously written anything worthwhile since my finals a hundred years ago it’s somewhat of a shock!

I’ve taken lots of photographs over the last ten years that’ve just been sitting on my computer, waiting for somebody else to put some words to them. I know very little about photography, just point the camera and click, but these particular images were taken in moments that visually interested or amazed me.

You can access some of them by going to the “A Fresh Glimpse” section of this web page.

If you want a copy, there are A4 prints available.



Again you wake up on yet another day of cold darkness.
Your fears and anxieties for the next months, weeks or days are filled with interminable seconds.
Somewhere along the way your peace has been snatched away by your own imaginings.
Did you allow yourself to be robbed of My faithfulness to you in all things?
If you ask Me, I, Your Sovereign Lord, will break through, bringing my light into your darkness, melting and soothing your broken heart alongside mine.
Under the ice of this worlds perception, is a fountain of my living, refreshing water, where My strength, grace and love will always be sufficient for you to overcome your circumstances.
Remember that My ways are not your ways and I have not yet revealed all my plans and blessings for your future.
The hope of this world can be blown away in an instant but your hope in me is firm.
Be assured that my promises to you are true and I will bring all things together for good for those who love me
This time for you, is a walk of faith.
All shall be well!

Technicolour Dreams

Beloved, chosen by Me.

I come to you now to remind you of the dreams and visions we once shared

They were designed by Me to show a very real expression of my love for you alone.

To give you the freedom, grace and strength to step into a new area of your life, that would take you on a wonderful journey of discovery, satisfying your very soul.

Did you lose your way along the road? Were you deceived or hurt by others who didn’t share our dream. I am a patient Father who sees all your possibilities in Me.

Discard those negative vain imaginings that would destroy.

I have given you a special coat of anointing to open up a new way, to protect, guide and keep you safe on our road together.

My promises are true.

So be brave and safe in the knowledge that I am with you always even to the very end of the age
Pick up and wear the coat that I crafted especially for you.

It is rich in colours and possibilities.

My precious child, anointed one, dare to dream