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New webpage

If you’re one of the folk who often look at the web page, it probably seems like not a lot is happening. However there is always so much background ‘stuff’ that God is doing with me. It then takes me time to process it, pray about it and live it before a painting emerges.

Thanks to Geoff, my son, we’ve developed this new site.¬† I’m not the greatest technogran in the world(!), but we’re hoping that the more up to date format¬†will give me the opportunity to share a bit more. Being a bit of a visual, rather than a word person I often “see” things that God is doing rather than hear them.

A new feature that I’m hoping to use more is my Flickr website. Over the last few years I have taken quite a few photographs that have spoken powerfully to me, and I’ll hopefully be uploading some of them soon!

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  1. hi Anne,
    i’d like to tell you about a new venture a group of us are embarking on, it is called ChristArtisans.
    it will be a web site with many different artists who are painting for God with links to their own web sites.
    we will also be holding exhibitions where we will all have wall space.
    the object is to provide an outlet for christian artwork for the world to experience God and for us to bring glory to Him.
    there is no charge and any sales you make are yours. there is no contract and your work elsewhere would not be restricted, only supported.
    your work is anointed and beautiful.
    i would like to invite you to join us.
    with love in Christ
    kate austin

    February 21, 2008 at 6:18 pm

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