The thoughts, words and pictures of artist Anne House

Exciting new development from New Zealand.

Many, many years ago when we lived in Bedford and I painted the New Generation exhibition, Michael Blake and I became friends through the church. We shared a very interesting, unexpected, sometimes scary but always exciting journey.

As I painted the pictures in relative secrecy(absolutely from Michael), he received the most amazing words from God.
Each specific set of words to accompany each new painting, somehow mirrored or expanded the visuals.
We were amazed at the first few but I started to feel a lack of confidence in my abilities to continue the work,
in case my paintings did not match up to Michael’s words.He, as ever, encouraged me in prayer and fellowship and we made an agreement that I wouldn’t see any more of his work until the whole series was complete.
Now many years later, Michael feels that it is time launch a web page, that he has designed, showing the paintings with accompanying words.

Prepare to be amazed, touched and blessed.

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