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Crossroads Update

After 7 years I have now just finished painting the last picture of the new series entitled ‘Crossroads’.

It actually came as quite a shock when I realised I’d finished. I was under the impression there were more pictures to paint – and there were still plenty of ideas in my sketchbook.   

Originally I was planning the final picture of a gigantic wave which would be presented on a fifty foot length of silk. I did the original sketch on the 7th October 2000, and had been consumed with the practicalities of painting such a large picture!

In January this year, a friend of mine emailed me and asked me how many more pictures were left in the series. I gave my usual answer – “how long is a piece of string?!” Straight away I went to the TV and caught some of the amateur footage taken in Asia during the tsunami and became suddenly aware of the similarity with my sketches.

I went back to the sketchbook, looked at the wave and realised that I didn’t have to paint it. God had already spoken.

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