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A surprise new painting!

I was surprised last week to find myself back in the studio painting a new silk picture to the crossroads series, as I thought I had finished them all.

It was a painting I had abandoned last year, which in itself is unusual, as once I have started one I have always felt compelled to finish it, even when it may seem to be going “wrong”.

It had started with a criss cross of lines, at first randomly and then a little more specific. I felt sure that I would be inspired to know what went between the lines to complete the content of the painting. I knew there was a church and house in it somewhere and how we behave in both, but just couldnt see it. After struggling for days, my friend Anne, rang me to share a story with me…

A pastor gave his little girl a colouring book and she scibbled all over the page with a crayon obliterating the picture. He wanted to point it out to her but instead said how beautiful it was and put it on the wall.

Anne said “I think the Lord is saying its ok to go over the lines”. She didnt know at that time that I was even trying to start a new painting! I was trying so hard to confine the picture between the lines that I couldnt see the whole thing and just left it in the studio unfinished. So profoundly true in our lives sometimes, trying to keep between the lines and do the right thing that we lose sight of the bigger picture and the freedom we have been given.

I will write about the finished painting next week……..

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