The thoughts, words and pictures of artist Anne House

A bit of history

A brief history of the New Generation Exhibition by a friend:

Anne House was a member of Brickhill Baptist Church, Bedford, UK and as a painter was approached by elders to paint the prophetic word. The expectation as I understand it was that there would be four paintings, taking a few weeks at most a couple of months to complete.

God had other plans: Anne entered into a world of revelation, challenge, pain and excitement as God began to work through her by the power of His Spirit. You can see as you take time to view, and let God speak to you through these paintings, how God used Anne’s skills to communicate His anguish, His love, His warnings, His direction and His promises.

The first series of these paintings took just over three years to complete, and as you can see amount to more than four small hangings! Who can ever begin to understand the depth, width or greatness of our God?

As a close friend of Anne’s I had the privilege as well as the pain of being with Anne as she worked through the images God was giving her, for this first series. From times I shared with Anne I know there are still many paintings to come. Like the Bible these paintings are the living word of God, I believe they are God breathed, and there are individuals and groups out there whom God will reach through Anne’s work. Christian, people of other faiths and those with no faith will see God’s word. Is God calling you to facilitate this?

These first paintings did not fall into a obvious logical order, God has been in charge all the way, giving Anne the images, the words the vision and as she has worked in obedience using her God given talents He has transformed her skills beyond her own abilities.

Our God has a strange sense of humour! I have little understanding of art, and I am no theologian, just a woman of simple faith and adoration for our Lord. When Anne first asked my opinion of some of the work she was doing I felt out of my depth, yet as I sat with the unfolding of these images and heard what God was saying to Anne, then allowed an awareness to emerge in me, I felt the touch of God’s word in a very real way, sometimes that was joy, sometimes sadness and some times awe and wonder. The images stay with me as a form of awareness, correction, affirmation but most of all as guidance and assurance of the great love God has for each of us.

These hangings are very detailed, take time to let God by His Spirit guide you as you view them. Open yourself completely, let Him speak to your heart as well as your mind, to your past as well as your present, allow Him to guide your future with the revelation He wishes to share with you personally. And then be obedient to His love and follow through on what He has spoken to you! May God bless you


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