The thoughts, words and pictures of artist Anne House

The Last painting In the Crossroads series

The six foot painting is dominated by a gigantic irridescent angel holding a banner saying “grace” and its robes at the bottom forming the word “humility”.

The angel is standing on a beach where the word ” betrayed “formed by metal nails is being washed away by the surf.

The word “forgiven” is being washed in, on the edge, by the waves.

Surrounding the angel, causing much confusion, are dominating words, such as “bullying”, “panic “, ” slander”, and “lies”.

Within the angel is a crouched figure wrapped in a protective golden cloak.

I wanted to create a place of calm and peace, when all around is disruption and discord. Only a very few people have seen the painting in my studio but it has already sparked some interestingĀ conversations! We’ll try to get a photograph of it, together with the other new paintings, on the web as soon as possible.

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