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New Generation

The exhibition is divided into three sections reflecting on the three ideas of the world as it was intended, the world we experience and God’s response to the difference.

These pictures do not shy away from contemporary issues and are profoundly thought provoking.

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This was my second exhibition, and took almost took eight years to paint. It was a deeper personal daily journey with God and I feel, illustrates things that were happening both to me and those around me.

I would say there's much more of a prophetic edge to this series of 29 paintings, and the theme of Ecclesiastes 3 really shows that God's timing for everything is perfect. It is now available to be exhibited.

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The Bigger Picture

I'm now working on my third series of paintings and to date I've completed ten panels.

My aim is to illustrate the whole of Psalm 139 through my own experiences and my own personal relationship with God.

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A Word For You

Several years ago Graham Cooke and I worked together to produce two series of cards for prophetic conferences that Graham was holding in Southampton.

I produced the images and Graham wrote prophetic words. The aim of this project was that people could take home with them cards to reinforce what God had been saying to them or to give them away to others. These words and images are still speaking to people in a profound way today.

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A Fresh Glimpse

Over the last five years or so I've been taking photographs where I felt God speaking to me. The images really spoke to me of God's continual love and healing power. I've waited several years for somebody else to write words to accompany the pictures but no one came forward. Much to my surprise, I started writing the words myself and I'm in the process of writing more!

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